Saturday, December 17, 2011

Commentary On a Few Things

I'm going to be cross posting from one of my blogs to another.  Rites of Orthodox England, tends to be focused more on the strict liturgical texts of things, and posting and scanning material from olden times, as it is used to day, without necessary commentary. 

But, every now and again I think it is helpful to make use of such commentary. But, instead of cluttering this blog up, I'll just provide the links to what I believe are some very useful posts on my other blog, Western Orthodox Christian:

Anachronism and the Ancient

Presanctified/Dry Masses and here also

A Short Examination of the Fixed Offertory Prayers of the Mass in different places

And my favourite subject, the Prefaces of the Masses in the different Western Orthodox usages, and how they compare

-Fr. Augustine

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