Friday, December 9, 2011

Hispanic Rite First Sunday in Advent

Ok. This is mainly the Rites of Orthodox England, and thus, things pertain to Orthodox England, but, we do appreciate greatly the contributions of the saints of other lands, especially Hispania (modern day Spain and Portugal), and Gaul. Thus, here is a link to the translation of the First Sunday in Advent for the Hispanic rite (sometimes called the 'Mozarabic rite'). They have Six Sundays, so, since we are using the Old (Julian) Calendar, their Advent liturgically became about 3 weeks ago, while our First Sunday in Advent (using the 'English' rite) begins this upcoming Sunday.

Unless I'm mistaken (and I hope I am, since I would like to look at others works), this is the first time that the Hispanic Rite propers for the First Sunday in Advent have been rendered into English?

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