Monday, May 30, 2011

This is a True Orthodox Christian Site

I have recently become aware of the ROCOR-MP Great Britain site, located here:

While Bp. Jerome contributed a small portion of time in certain important areas, the main work (99%) was accomplished by the monks at the Abbey of the Holy Name. Thus, while these materials are used to some extent by the ROCOR-MP, we affirm that we bear no responsibility for those who use, or misuse them, in this jurisdiction (as we, being True Orthodox Christians, disagree greatly with the position of Metropolitan Hilarion for joining the Mosocow Patriarchate, which we hold to be in heresy). While individuals can be friendly, and should eschew rancour, I put this disclaimer for the purposes of 1) Admiting the part Bp. Jerome played 30 years ago (while he was a priest, and not part of the Moscow Patriarchate), and 2) explaining that we bear no responsibility for those outside our Church who uses these offices and services.

These rites of the Divine Office, are in their fullness for the use of True Orthodox Christians.

For a concise statement of the Faith against the modern heresies of the Patriarchates go here:

If you wish to be joined to the True Orthodox Church then contact us here:

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